Mounting systems for solar panels
on flat roofs

When it’s necessary to mount solar panels on a flat roof, the choice of the fastening system is crucial to ensure the stability, versatility, and safety of the entire structure. fischer provides a comprehensive solution for photovoltaic panels on low-load flat roofs with the pre-assembled triangular fastening system.

One of the strengths of the system is its ability to allow panel orientation both horizontally and vertically. This is essential for maximizing solar energy capture during different seasons of the year. The panel tilt angle is adjustable from 10° to 35° to optimize exposure to sunlight, thereby increasing the overall energy system efficiency.

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Direct fixing on the roof structure

In case of low load bearability roofs, the aluminum triangular structure can be installaed directly on the roof structure: this greatly reduced the time and effort required for installation.

Additionally, all the necessary accessories for fastening are included, eliminating the need to purchase additional components. This not only makes the installation more efficient but also ensures compatibility between the components, minimizing the risk of errors.

Ballasted mounting system

The system can also be adapted and mounted on suitably sized concrete ballasts. The pre-assembled triangular aluminium modules can be installed directly on the ballast blocks through special fixings, avoiding drilling holes in the waterproofing membrane and ensuring extreme speed of assembly of the system.

Weather Resistance

The triangular structure has been designed and tested to withstand the elements and the wear and tear of time. This means that even in environments prone to adverse weather conditions, the structure will maintain its integrity, ensuring that the panels remain securely anchored to the roof. Furthermore, the system has been tested to withstand wind force and snow loads, providing reliable protection in every season and environment.


The inclination from 10° to 35° is adaptable to every need and guarantees high flexibility and customization.
Excellent resistance to wind force and snow load.
The aluminium triangles are pre-assembled in the package and connection accessories are also included.  
Suitable for different kind of fischer anchors on the roof.

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The new SOLARPANEL-FIX design software 

SOLARPANEL-FIX is an Online module of the FiXperience Suite for the design of mounting systems for photovoltaic panels: it supports professionals in the design of the photovoltaic substructure through a clear and logical flow.

The software allows to automatically calculate the actions of snow and wind loads through the geolocation of the construction site, according to the requirements of the European Standard EN 1991 (Eurocode 1). In addition, it allows to download the bill of materials to create the substructure, the installation plan and a technical report. The latter outlines the structural checks of the system parts, according to the European Standards EN 1993 (Eurocode 3), EN 1999 (Eurocode 9) and according to fischer specifications.

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