The new FiXperience Online module

Design your solar system with SOLARPANEL-FIX software

SOLARPANEL-FIX is the Online module of the FiXperience Suite for the design of photovoltaic panels installation systems: a tool with a simple and intuitive interface, designed to support designers, installers and dealers in the design of the photovoltaic support structure.

Planning with SOLARPANEL-FIX is simple and logical: after choosing the desired system and the roof covering, only 5 steps are required to determine the configuration of the modules on pitched or flat roofs.

SOLARPANEL-FIX allows you to calculate the action of snow and wind and to download the complete project documentation (bill of materials, installation plan and technical report).

Advantages of designing with SOLARPANEL-FIX

Automatic calculation of snow and wind action
Geolocation of the construction site thanks to integration with Google Maps
Sizing of pitched and flat roofs with different types of covering
Bill of materials, installation plan and technical report available
Simple and intuitive also for beginners  
Reliable and transparent: formulas and calculation parameters are visible

Calculation of snow and wind action

Calculating the wind load and snow pressure on PV panels is crucial to ensure the safety and durability of the entire system.

SOLARPANEL-FIX allows you to calculate the action of snow and wind automatically through the geolocation of the construction site, according to the requirements of the European Standard EN 1991 (Eurocode 1).

Technical documentation available  

SOLARPANEL-FIX allows to download the complete technical documentation for your project

  • bills of materials to create the support structure in Excel format;
  • installation plan of the photovoltaic system in PDF format;
  • technical report in PDF format showing the structural calculation of the elements, according to the European Standards EN 1993 (Eurocode 3), EN 1999 (Eurocode 9) and fischer specifications.

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