The solution for special roof shapes 

The aluminium customizable system for photovoltaic panels allows to create structures adaptable to any type of roof shape.

The system is able to solve all the needs of inclination and distance on roofs with irregular structure thanks to special T-shaped aluminum rails and easily cuttable and drillable tubular elements.

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Rails size can be customized to be adaptable to any kind of roof shape.
Aluminium is resistant to all atmospheric agents and guarantees corrosion resistance.

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4. Brackets

Aluminum brackets for connection between Solar profiles or between profiles and double thread screws.

5. Accessories

Accessories for the installation of photovoltaic panels.

The new SOLARPANEL-FIX design software

SOLARPANEL-FIX is an Online module of the FiXperience Suite for the design of mounting systems for photovoltaic panels: it supports professionals in the design of the photovoltaic substructure through a clear and logical flow.

The software allows to automatically calculate the actions of snow and wind loads through the geolocation of the construction site, according to the requirements of the European Standard EN 1991 (Eurocode 1). In addition, it allows to download the bill of materials to create the substructure, the installation plan and a technical report. The latter outlines the structural checks of the system parts, according to the European Standards EN 1993 (Eurocode 3), EN 1999 (Eurocode 9) and according to fischer specifications.

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