UltraCut FBS II 6 zinc-plated steel
The high-performance concrete screw for absolute installation ease.
fischer Ultracut FBS II D6

Your advantages at a glance

High flexibility and a precise adaption:
The first concrete screw with diameter 6 mm and variable embedment depths enables high flexibility and a precise adaption on the loads.
ETA assessment option 1:
The ETA assessment option 1 includes the use in cracked and non-cracked concrete for highest safety requirements.
Additional safety standards
The first 6 mm diameter concrete screw with an ETA assessment for the C1 seismic performance category for additional safety standards.
Zulassung für Mehrfachverankerung von nichttragenden Systemen:
Die Betonschraube ULTRACUT FBS II 6 gvz besitzt die Zulassung für die Mehrfachverankerung von nichttragenden Systemen und ist damit ideal für die Verankerung von Rohrleitungen und Kabeltrassen in Spannbetonhohldecken geeignet.
Special features for vertical installation:
Drill holes do not need to be cleaned during vertical installation (ceiling and floor).
Different head designs:
Different head designs offer a maximum of flexibility and a perfect adaptation to the application
Approved adjustment:
The approved adjustment for the concrete screws allows the screw to be unscrewed twice to place packing below the base plate head or to align the attached part, and then to tighten the screw again.

ETA compliant application in masonry

The fischer concrete screws FBS II 6-10 offer the innovative possibility for the ETA compliant application in masonry. This grants high security not only in concrete but also in many other applications in other substrates.  


UltraCut FBS II
Concrete-concrete connector: ULTRACUT FBS II zinc-plated steel with the Setting tool SC-ST

Flexible anchorage depths

1. Fast installation due to minimum embedment depth e.g. FBS II 6x60/5 US

  • Minimum embedment depth is 40 mm
  • Permissible tensile load at hnom, min 40 mm is 1,2 kN
  • Permissible shear load at hnom, min 40 mm is 4,3 kN

2. Maximum load due to maximum embedment depth e.g. FBS II 6x60/5 US

  • Minimum embedment depth is 55 mm
  • Permissible tensile load at hnom, max 55 mm is 2,4 kN
  • Permissible shear load at hnom, max 55 mm is 6,3 kN


Mounting channels

Perforated tapes

Prestressed hollow concrete ceilings