FIS V Plus
The powerful injection mortar for concrete and masonry.
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Safety that lasts for generations

With the FIS V Plus, fischer has established the first universally applicable injection mortar with an assessed (ETA) service life of 100 years in concrete. In addition to its durability, the bond strength in concrete increases by up to 45 per cent with the new generation of fischer universal mortars, thus ensuring maximum safety over an entire century.

Whether steel structures, consoles, facades, rescue ladders or cable trays -– with the FIS V Plus, users can design and carry out numerous fixing tasks with a single product.

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Product features

ETA assessment: service life of 100 years for anchorages in concrete

The new ETA assessment in concrete confirms the durability of the injection mortar even with an extended service life of 100 years instead of the usual 50 years under both normal and seismic loading. This is not only a significant contribution to sustainability but is also of particular importance to infrastructure projects designed for a long service life..

FIS V Plus

Approval in adverse weather conditions

Processing the product even at low component temperatures of up to -10 degrees and the option to securely fasten in water-filled drill holes offers added flexibility during planning and on-site implementation.

The high-performance mortar FIS VW Plus High Speed enables swift work progress with its extraordinarily short curing time.


FIS V Plus

Optimized formula

The optimised formula of the FIS V Plus results in improved load values in cracked and non-cracked concrete. Up to 45 % higher loads in non-cracked concrete have been achieved in addition to up to 25 % in cracked concrete.


FIS V Plus

Most extensive masonry approval

The FIS V Plus ETA currently includes the most approved masonry bricks on the market. Thus, the universal mortar is the most reliable solution for almost any application.

Approved for a variety of building materials

gerissener Beton

Cracked and non-cracked concrete

Vollziegel und Vollkalksandstein

Solid brick and solid sand-lime brick

Lochziegel und Kalksand-Lochziegel

Vertical perforated brick and sand-lime perforated brick


Aerated concrete



Steel constructions


Bridge railings


Rescue ladders


High-bay warehouse


Reinforcment connections

Weather facing reconstruction systems

FIS V Plus

Extensive range of accessories

The comprehensive range of accessories including anchor rods, internal threaded and rebar anchors is perfectly coordinated with the universal mortar FIS V Plus. This increases the system's flexibility and enables a wide range of applications including anchorages in concrete and masonry as well as rebar connections and specialist applications.

The FIS V Plus was incorporated into the approval of the FWS II reconstruction anchor for securing weather-facing, triple-skin outer wall panels as well as into the approval for the subsequent anchorage of the outer leaf with the fischer remedial wall tie VBS.


FIS V Plus

Wide range of approved accessories for maximum safety

Comparison of processing and curing times

Temperatures in the anchoring base      Maximum gelling time      Minimum curing time     
FIS V Plus     FIS VW Plus High Speed     FIS V Plus     FIS VW Plus High Speed     
-10 to -5°C - - - 12 hrs.
> -5 to 0°C - 5 min. 24 hrs. 3 hrs.
> 0 to +5°C 13 min. 5 min. 3 hrs. 3 hrs.
> +5 to +10°C 9 min. 3 min. 90 min. 50 min.
> +10 to +20°C 5 min. 1 min. 60 min. 30 min.
> +20 to +30°C 4 min. - 45 min. -
> +30 to +40°C 2 min. - 35 min. -