Ventilated rainscreen façade

Function principle


A rainscreen façade is a ventilated double-layer cladding system which structurally separates the weather protection and insulation functions. Based on many advantages compared to sealed façade systems rainscreen systems have become very popular nowadays. Besides the aesthetic advantages there are in addition functional and safety benefits, which include the rear ventilation cavity and non-combustible insulation materials.


These systems are less susceptible to damage than other façade systems and provide a wide freedom of design. In addition, fire, noise and lightning protection requirements can be implemented.

fischer offers innovative, high-quality full façade systems for rainscreen façades. Besides functional and economical advantages, the fischer façade systems provide especially an outstanding architectural creative scope.

Advantages of ventilated rainscreen facades

fischer goes beyond the state of the art by offering the following benefits:


  • Subframe systems for all different cladding material
  • Flexible system for concealed applications
  • Fast and uncomplicated installation reduces costs for the whole façade
  • Complies with low and zero energy building standards
  • Project-specific training, consultation and product solutions
  • Global support by local representatives
  • Experienced in façade systems for 35 years
  • Complete façade system supplied out of one hand
  • ETA and CE approved

Ventilated rainscreen facades

The ventilated rainscreen facade is one of the most demanded façade systems for all types of building projects. It offers unlimited possibilities for designers and architects combined with impressive technical advantages. Fischer offers a complete system out of one hand (from a single source), to provide a save, easy-to-install and aesthetically pleasing façade.


Aesthetics and Materials

Fischer façade systems for ventilated rainscreen facades work with all kind of cladding materials. Natural stone panels, even in large formats, can be fixed with concealed fasteners. The concealed fixing of facade panels is an aesthetic solution for any type of frost-resistant natural stone. fischer offers specific solutions for thin ceramic panels, HPL, fiber cement or glass panels, too. There are endless possibilities for any design.


The rear-ventilated façade offers the unique possibility to structurally separate the weather protection and insulation functions. The cladding panels serve as weather protection and are separated by a rear ventilation cavity from the recessed insulation. This ventilation regulates the building’s moisture balance which is reliably removed through the chimney effect. Therefore, moist external walls dry out quickly, which causes an optimal interior climate. 

Insulation and other advantages 

The insulation is directly fixed to the substrate. The fischer FireStop products offer a variety of possibilities for passive fire protection. Those insulation materials are not only non-combustible – in addition, noise and lightning protection requirements can be implemented. 


fischer offers a variety of subframe systems for all types of cladding materials. The flexible system allows concealed applications combined with fast and uncomplicated installation. This reduces costs and risk on the construction-site. The wall holder can be attached with thermostop to improve insulation functions and energy efficiency of the facade. The optional helping hand at the wall holder improves the attachment of the vertical profiles, before horizontal profiles are added. Depending on the system, the cladding panels are fixed directly onto the vertical profiles or attached onto the horizontal profiles with undercut anchors and clasps, providing the concealed fixing. 

Unique advantages made by fischer

Thanks to our innovative system, fischer rainscreen facades comply with low and zero energy building standards, and are ETA and CE approved. fischer provides project-specific training, consultation and product solution for every project, no matter how unique. Through our subsidiaries and local representatives, we ensure global support during the whole project phase. fischer is experienced in façade systems for over 35 years. The complete façade system is supplied out of one hand, ensuring high-quality and a perfect match of all components.