Safety first
Notes on the safe processing of fischer products
Safety first

Safety first!

The holding values (loads) and applications specified on the packaging are for guidance only. Depending on the degree of correct installation, the quality of the building material in which the fastening is to be made, the processing and environmental conditions, they can be negatively influenced, resulting in personal danger and property damage. If in doubt, have the fastening carried out by a specialist.

Screw size and load


The holding values (loads) were determined by fischer under optimum conditions, such as drill hole preparation and cleaning, correct installation and the best possible screws in intact and load-bearing building materials and under normal environmental conditions.

For further product-specific information, please refer to the approvals and detailed load tables with footnotes for the respective products in our catalog.

If plugs are supplied with screws, the holding values (loads) apply to the combination of plugs and screws supplied. 
If plugs are supplied without screws, the loads apply for the recommended screws with the maximum diameter. Screws with smaller diameters mean lower loads.

Building materials and loads

The building material plugs are fixed into is decisive for the load that can be borne by the plug. The building material symbols show which building material groups the plug can be used for. The respective loads are maximum recommended loads in the respective base material.
If several building materials are shown in combination, the load is specified for the weakest building material.

Cracked concrete

Non-cracked concrete

Solid brick

Perforated brick

Solid sand-lime brick

Perforated sand-lime brick

Gypsum plasterboard

Gypsum fibreboard

Wooden boards


Insulation material

Fastening points and loads

Tensile load

The load specified on the packaging only applies for one fastening point (single plug) and represents the lower value of tensile and transverse load.
Tensile load 15 kg (150 N)
Transverse load 25 kg (250 N)
Load specification on packaging 15 kg (150 N)

Tensile load

Transverse load

If the application involves groups of plugs (groups of 2, 4 etc.), the load-bearing capacity of the products must be considered differently. In cause of doubt, we recommend consulting a specialist (see below for support services).

Transverse load

Fastening moving loads

Moving loads are a particular challenge for fastening products.
Before fastening a moving load with one of our products (e.g. swing/hammock/...) 
please contact our application engineering department

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