fischer Cleaning brush for drill diameter-Ø 14 mm

Cleaning brush for approval-compliant drill hole cleaning in case of rebar connections.

Art.-No. 1491
Top Features
  • High cleaning performance and simple to use.
  • Diameter 14 with blue colour control.

Product Description

The fischer cleaning brush Ø 14 allows for approval-compliant mechanical drill hole cleaning with rebar connections. High-quality, durable design made from metal with connecting thread M8. Used in connection with fischer SDS-Plus holder and FIS brush extension. When checking wear and tear on the cleaning brushes, use the fischer brush inspection cartridge.
  • The cleaning brushes dispose of an M8 thread. Using the SDS adapter, they can be used with a drilling machine or a cordless screwdriver.
  • Caution: Prior to using, please check if the brushes still have the required diameter by using the brush control pattern. Brushes with too small diameter must not be used.
  • The brush extension simplifies cleaning of deep drill holes.
  • The coloured marking facilitates the selection of the brush matching the drill hole diameter.

Application and Permission

  • Rebar connections
Building materials
  • Concrete
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction

  • Using the SDS adapter, the cleaning brushes can be used with a drilling machine or a cordless screwdriver.
  • The cleaning brushes are placed into the drill hole. The drill hole is cleaning by moving the brush back and forth.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Colour blue
Length 180 [mm]
Amount 1 Unit(s)
GTIN (EAN Code) 4000657014913