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An experienced coach such as Jürgen Klopp has the right solution up his sleeve for any scenario, and it’s no different in the world of fastenings. Thanks to our comprehensive range of screws, we also have the right screw for any application. PowerFast II is an innovative chipboard screw for quick and flexible processing while offering maximum convenience of use. The redesigned PowerFull II full thread screw enables cost-effective connections in load-bearing timber constructions. Terrace screws, facade screws, drywall screws and many other special screws offer a solution for any application. Quite normal.

The PowerFast II check 
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An overview of the advantages of the PowerFast II and PowerFull II screws:

Increased thread pitch enables quick assembly
Precise milling and perfect swarf removal allow for screwing close to the edge
Improved underhead geometry for less damage to the surface
Innovative tip geometry for quick attachment
Reduced splitting behaviour thanks to innovative core cutter geometry
Shank milling ribs and core cutter geometry noticeably reduce screw-in resistance
Increased pull-out capacity thanks to new screw geometry

Highlights from our range of screws

PowerFast II chipboard and wood construction screw

The PowerFast II chipboard and wood construction screw is ideal for connecting solid wood and glue-laminated or cross-laminated timber or other glue-laminated wood components. The geometry of the new PowerFast II screw ensures quick, convenient and flexible installation.

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PowerFull II wood construction screw

fischer’s PowerFull II wood construction screws are ideal for permanently and securely connecting or reinforcing load-bearing timber constructions. They also offer the advantage of easy and efficient installation as a cost-effective pro solution for challenging fastening requirements in wood construction.

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Wow! PowerFast II is a real all-rounder. It goes in like a knife through butter, and it’s even fun to use.
Jürgen Klopp

fischer screws at a glance!


Façade screws

A specialist range of screws for fastening wood facades.

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PowerFast II wood construction screws

Powerful, approved screws for structural wood construction.

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Drywall screws

A comprehensive range of drywall screws for fastening drywall panels to all types of substructures.

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PowerFast II chipboard screws

Screws for quick and flexible processing.

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Special screws

A high-quality range of fischer screws for specialist applications.

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Terrace screws

A high-quality range of screws for professional terrace installation.

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PowerFull II full thread screws

Full thread screws with smart solutions for challenging designs.

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fischer design software WOOD-Fix.

  • The design principles follow European Technical Assessment (ETA) and DIN EN 1995-1-1 (Eurocode EC5), including a free choice of national application document (NAD).
  • Simple and quick operation by entering the values in the Toolbox.
  • Safe and reliable: The program recognises incorrect entries regarding geometrical conditions.
  • Clear and flexible: Choice of representation in 2D or 3D. The graphics can be panned, tilted and zoomed.
  • Always up-to-date thanks to automatic or manual “Live Update” function.

The application based software

The software contains numerous different and newly added application cases from day-to-day work. This allows you as a user or planner to work efficiently and design projects for realisation with fischer screws. Calculation of applications with fischer PowerFast screws (Ø 3,0 x 20 – 10,0 x 400 mm) and fischer PowerFull II screws (Ø 6,0 x 100 – 10,0 x 600 mm)

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