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New: Real-time digital monitoring solutions

fischer Construction Monitoring’s mission is to make the world a little bit safer. We offer an unprecedented combination of a smart monitoring tool and strong fastenings with our system solutions to document and monitor facilities and buildings. Join us in taking a key step towards a digital future in construction.

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Dr. Daniel Rill
Even if everything has been correctly planned and calculated, the status of fastenings in or on buildings is often still a black box between on-site maintenance intervals. This is where fischer Construction Monitoring provides an effective solution.
Product Manager at the fischer Group of Companies

The SensorAnchor

Creeping, shrinking and setting construction materials - changes and deformations such as these present structural engineers with challenges when it comes to tunnels, wind turbines and bridges. It’s a good thing that our SensorAnchor provides a reliable, all-in-one solution offering maximum data transparency through the real-time transfer of preload and operating forces. This provides an early automatic warning for critical connections, allowing you to easily and conveniently monitor the data on the end device of your choice, resulting in minimal maintenance for structures of all sizes.

Overview of advantages

Preliminary prevention of more extensive damage

A built-in sensor in the anchor transfers real-time preload and operational forces to the fischer Construction Monitoring evaluation platform. This data can be accessed at any time and is used for the early detection of vulnerable connections.

Receive alerts based on custom limits

Every structure is different. That’s why being able to rely on individual safety assessment parameters is all the more important. fischer Construction Monitoring and an integrated warning system allow you to set critical limits in the system. Once these limits have been reached, you’ll automatically receive a push notification.

The SensorDisc

Every screw has to sit right. Users are on the safe side with our SensorDisc, a digital fastening to check and document conventional screw connections. It all works exactly the same as conventional washers, be it during initial installation or retrofits. Simply scan your SensorDisc in the fischer PRO app to obtain a quick and convenient reading of the recorded data.

Overview of advantages

Easily read data via smartphones

Any place, any time. Identify all types of screw connection failures early on and increase their safety and service life with fischer’s new SensorDisc.

Monitor the preload force of screw connections

Simple, quick and precise. Here’s how to read the fischer SensorDisc via NFC transfer. Simply select the disc in the fischer PRO app and measure the current force level. All values are automatically stored in the cloud.

Checklist: Under which conditions should the SensorAnchor or SensorDisc be used?

SensorAnchor – Connected to SensorGateway:
Up to four SensorAnchors can be operated through one SensorGateway that can manage and access them
SensorDisc – Check bolt force as required:
Measured values are recorded and stored on-site at the respective point in time
SensorAnchor – Continuous monitoring of bolt forces:
Measured values are permanently recorded and stored at defined intervals.
SensorDisc – Initial installation or retrofit:
The SensorDisc can either be inserted during initial installation or retrofitted in many screw connections. SensorDiscs can also be reused in other connections.
SensorAnchor – Initial installation:
The SensorAnchor is firmly anchored into the substrate. They are therefore used permanently and must be included during initial installation.
SensorDisc – Revision-proof measured data history with a comment function
Each measurement is stored and can be accessed later on. A comment function allows comments to be recorded for individual measurements.
SensorAnchor – “Live” logging of measured data development:
Measured values are recorded, transferred and permanently stored in quasi-real-time. This allows limits to be monitored with an alarm function as well as monitoring of trend analysis and qualitative forecasts.
SensorDisc – Measure the relative preload force level:
Measured values are displayed as a percentage of the preload force level defined during installation.
SensorAnchor – Absolute measurement of preload and operational forces:
Measurements provide the respective absolute value of acting bolt forces and can provide insights into actual preload and operational forces.
SensorDisc – Independent installation and operation:
The SensorDisc can be installed without specialist tools and does not require an external power supply.

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