Vacuum cleaner FVC 35 M
Universal wet and dry vac for virtually dust free applications
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Vacuum cleaner FVC 35 M

Your advantages at a glance

Non-stop suction
Automatic filter cleaning during suction operation without any interruption enables non-stop suction.
Dust retention capacity of 99,9%
Vacuum cleaner filter with dust retention capacity of 99,9% according to dust class M, perfectly suited for use with the fischer hollow drill bit FHD.
Constantly high suction power
High performance motor for constantly high suction power.
Matching cleaning set
The matching cleaning set FVC AP enables dry and wet suction work.
Dust-free disposal
The sealable filter bags guarantee a dust-free disposal.
Vacuum cleaner FVC 35 M
Dust free applications with the vacuum cleaner FVC 35 M

Combination of vacuum cleaner and hollow drill bit

  1. Demand-driven filter cleaning by monitoring the negative pressure, guarantees a continuously high air flow.
  2. Electromagnetic shocks clean the filter cartridges alternately for perfectly clean filters.
  3. High volume flow and negative pressure at the end of the hose for maximum dust extraction.
  4. Automatic filter cleaning during suction operation without interruption of air flow for continuous working.
  5. Large filter area for longer service life.
  6. Filter material suitable for dust class M with a dust retention capacity of 99.9%.

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