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fischer Insulation fixing FID GREEN 50 K

Thermal bridge-free installation in insulation materials.

Art.-No. 524840
Top Features
  • No pre-drilling necessary in thin layers of plaster. This saves time.
  • With integrated bit mounting. This means that no special setting tool is required. This allows for a fast installation.
  • Made with renewable raw materials.

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Product Description

At least half of the materials used to create the granules for producing fischer insulation fixing FID GREEN are gained from sustainable raw materials. These do not compete with cultivation areas for food and feed products. FID GREEN has the same performance properties and load-carrying properties as the original. Lightweight components in plastered and un-plastered insulation panels made of polystyrene and polyurethane are mounted using FID. The fischer FID GREEN can be set either by hand, or with a cordless screwdriver. The special spiral thread taps itself in the insulating board. Components such as letter boxes, lamps or motion detectors can be mounted using a 4 to 4.5 mm screw.
  • Since the anchor is set exclusively in the insulation itself, fixtures can be installed without thermal bridges.
  • The geometry of the FID allows for a simple installation in thin layers of plaster, without the need for pre-drilling, thus saving a stage of installation.
  • The FID 50 is used in thin insulating boards from 50mm. The FID 90 is used in thicker insulating boards, and can bear higher loads.
  • The bit mounting allows for setting with standard tools, thus allowing for a fast and economic installation.

Application and Permission

To fix lightweight fixtures in plastered and non-plastered insulating boards made of polystyrene and polyurethane.
The areas of application are:
  • Façade construction (ETICS)
  • Insulating construction
  • Electric construction
  • Refrigerated and climate construction
  • Acoustic construction
Building materials
  • Non-plastered, pressure-resistant insulating boards
  • Plastered, pressure-resistant insulating boards
  • ETICS insulating boards
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction

  • The FID can be set in the insulating board with a cordless screwdriver or by hand.
  • For thick layers of plaster a pre-drilling (6 mm) is recommended.
  • The special spiral thread taps itself in the insulating board.
  • Fixtures are fixed with a 4 to 4.5 mm screw for the FID 50.
  • Water ingress in the insulation can be prevented by sealing the plug collar with a suitable sealant after successful pre-positioned installation.
Installation graphic
Installation graphic
Installation graphic
Installation graphic

Technical Data

Technical Data

Anchor length 50 [mm]
Min. bolt penetration 50 [mm]
Wood and chipboard screws 4,5 - 5 [mm]
Drive T40
Max. bolt penetration screw 40 [mm]
Card contents 4 x FID GREEN 50 K
Amount 4 Unit(s)
GTIN (EAN Code) 4048962199642

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