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For concealed fixing of façade panels in ventilated rainscreen façades.


The clasps are part of the concealed fixing system for ventilated rainscreen façades together with undercut anchors. They are mounted on the undercut anchors which are installed into the façade panel and transfer the loads caused by the façade panels to the horizontal profiles. Thanks to the coordinated geometry, the clasps can be suspended quickly and easily in the horizontal profiles. The two clasps at the top, on the outside, have adjustment screws to adjust the height of the panel and thus create a consistent joint pattern. The clasps are also offered as fixed or sliding points. While the fixed points are fixed by accessories (e.g. clamps or U-profiles), the non-fixed sliding points allow the thermal expansion of the system. The clasps are available in different dimensions. In combination with the fischer undercut anchor, the clasps ensure stress-free fixing of the façade panels.
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