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fischer Metal drill bit D-HSS-Co DIN 338 2 x 4,0 mm

Precision ground metal twist drill bit

Art.-No. 536554
Top Features
  • Cobalt alloy ensures high heat-resistance.
  • 135° split point for quicker drilling progress.
  • Type N spiral for optimum chip removal.

Product Description

Spiral drill bit made of robust HSS-Co steel and in accordance with DIN 338, precision ground. The split point with 135° ensures quick drilling progress. Thanks to the cobalt alloy, it is highly suitable for processing tough and hard materials.
  • Made of cobalt-alloyed special steel in accordance with DIN 338.            
  • Thanks to the cobalt alloy, it is highly heat-resistant and suitable for tough and hard materials.
  • Robust drill bit with high break resistance.
  • Split point for optimum centring and little feed force effort.
  • 135° tip angle for quick drilling progress.
  • Optimum chip removal through type N spirals.

Application and Permission

  • For drilling in tough and hard materials.
Building materials
  • Steel up to 1000 N/mm2 alloyed and unalloyed
  • Rust-free steel (stainless steel)
  • Heat-treatable and case-hardened steel
  • Rolling bearing steel
  • Non-ferrous heavy metal
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Drill hole diameter 4 [mm]
Working length 43 [mm]
Total length 75 [mm]
Type of packaging Bag
GTIN (EAN Code) 4048962248784