Post-installed rebar connections
Safely connected
Post-installed rebar connections

Developed and produced in Germany

The fischer injection systems are not only developed, but also manufactured in Germany. From the research of the formulation in the in-house laboratory to the mixing of the ingredients and the injection of the specially developed cartridges, everything is manufactured in one plant in the south of Germany. This enables research results, market trends and customer requirements to be quickly embraced and converted into market ready products.

Maximum safety for your projects

Our quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Through the fischer Process System (fPS) we continuously optimize our processes and adapt flexibly to customer requirements. We don’t compromise on the safety of our products. We take part in the leading international, standard-setting councils in the fastening technology sector, thus contributing our knowledge to their work. Our products are characterized by up-to-date international approvals, technical certifications and expert reports. In addition to the external ETA, ICC and fire resistance tests, the products are also tested in our own test laboratory after each production step, e.g. by means of pull-out tests.

Thus the fischer products meet highest quality requirements and guarantee maximum safety for your projects.


fischer FIS EM Plus
fischer FIS EM Plus
fischer FIS EM Plus

Solid designs according to the anchor and rebar theories

When designing chemical anchorage of post-installed rebars with tension loads, two design methods should be considered: design in accordance with anchor theory or with rebar theory. If designing according to the anchor theory the loads in the rebars are transferred into the concrete and depend on the concrete’s tensile strength to resist the load. But when the design is in accordance with the rebar theory, then the loads in the rebars are transferred into the existing reinforcement via compression struts. In this case the design is carried out similarly to cast-in rebars. With this method, the calculations are in accordance with the Eurocode 2 (EC 2). The design models and the building regulations are based on the assumption that the transmission of loads into the supporting structure are in accordance with the reinforced concrete regulations. Any additional national regulations must also be observed.

The new EOTA Technical Report TR 069 "Design method for anchorages of post-installed reinforcing bars (rebars) with improved bond-splitting behavior as compared to EN 1992-1-1" permits the design of post-installed moment resisting reinforced concrete connections on a European level, which do not have to be designed as overlapping joints. The new Design Method TR 069 combines the anchor theory with the rebar theory and closes the gap in the verification for post installed rebar that existed so far.

Documents at a glance

Post-installed rebar connections

Safely connected.


Post-installed rebar Installation instructions

Post-installed rebar connection with fischer injection mortars FIS RC II, FIS EM Plus or FIS V Plus.


Whitepaper Post-installed rebar connections

Safe designs as per  EC2 and TR 069. A white paper  for structural engineers.


Safe and reliable

Our modular design suite “FiXperience” offers safe and reliable design along with top processing comfort. With the REBAR-FIX module calculations of post-installed rebar connections by means of end anchorings or overlap joints can be easily done by using the multifunctional selection included in the software. 


Key to success

Submission Documents
fischer provides all necessary submission documents for project tenders under the heading 'Material & Workmanship Manual'. In most cases these documents are accepted as the contractual basis for the execution.
Easy assembling
With the matching fischer system, post-installed rebar connection are being installed efficient and safe. All fischer accessories and assembly aids fulfill the strict requirements of the ETA or ICC approvals and match the specified system components perfectly.
Certified product seminars
Our fischer academy offers a wide range of seminars and trainings directly in our in-house academy, digitally or in one of our nationwide competence centers.
With fischer no customer is left alone. No matter how difficult, unique or impossible the task may seem, with our 360° service package you will find the right solution for your need. We provide assistance before, during and after the projects are completed.

fischer systems for strong post-installed rebar connections

FIS EM Plus: The injection system FIS EM Plus is the high performance mortar for various applications in cracked concrete where it is beneficial to have longer lifetime of the mortar.

FIS SB: The fischer Superbond System FIS SB is the perfect match for conditions where highest performance and progressing speed are required.