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Adjustable screw JUSS

The adjusting screws with countersunk head, TX star recess drive and parallel thread

The fischer adjustable screw JUSS is a special screw made from zinc-plated steel with two threads for the steplessly adjustable stand-off installation of wood constructions. The self-tapping screw is screwed into the fixture and the parallel thread pulls the fixture to the substrate. The distance between the component and the substrate can then be steplessly adjusted thanks to the opposed rotational direction.

Product Description

  • The special operating principle of the adjustable screw JUSS allows for infinite adjustment. This saves on the use of wedges and blocks when fixing the fixture.
  • The self-drilling thread of the adjustable screw JUSS cuts directly into the wood.

Available Product Variants

8 Product variant (s) found

8 Product variant (s) found

Effect. anchorage depth


Max. distance



ds x ls

Max. timber thickness


Art.-No. 059040

30 [mm]

30 [mm]

6 x 60 [mm]

20 [mm]

Art.-No. 059041

30 [mm]

40 [mm]

6 x 70 [mm]

25 [mm]

Art.-No. 059042

30 [mm]

50 [mm]

6 x 80 [mm]

25 [mm]

Art.-No. 059043

30 [mm]

60 [mm]

6 x 90 [mm]

25 [mm]

Art.-No. 059044

30 [mm]

70 [mm]

6 x 100 [mm]

25 [mm]

Art.-No. 059045

30 [mm]

80 [mm]

6 x 110 [mm]

25 [mm]

Art.-No. 059046

30 [mm]

90 [mm]

6 x 120 [mm]

25 [mm]

Art.-No. 059047

30 [mm]

115 [mm]

6 x 145 [mm]

25 [mm]

Viewed 8 of 8 variant (s)

Application and Permission

  • Substructures made of wooden battens of 20-30 mm thickness.
Building materials
  • Wood and wooden materials or wooden panels
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction

  • The JUSS is suitable for push-through installation.
  • Once the screw has been screwed in, the parallel thread below the screw head causes the fixture to initially pull against the substrate. The fixture distance can then be infinitely adjusted by modifying the rotation direction.
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