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The chipboard screws with countersunk head, TX star recess drive and partial thread

Chipboard screw Power-Fast FPF-ST ..P

The fischer chipboard screw Power-Fast FPF-ST P is a chipboard screw with a countersunk head, TX star recess socket and partial thread. The countersunk head with TX star recess drive guarantees top force transmission with maximum bit stability for flush screwing operations. The partial thread also enables the firm attachment of wooden elements to each other. The Power-Fast thread reaches into the screw tip and ensures fast bite. The shank ribs reduce drive-in resistance and thereby enable power and battery conservation in your work. The optimised head geometry and underhead milled ribbing enable screwing close to edges with no crack formation and a perfect surface finish. The screw is suitable for fixings in coated wood, hard wood, and soft wood as well as for wood connections.
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