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termoz SV II ecotwist

The innovative countersinkable ETICS fixing for all building material classes

The fischer termoz SV II ecotwist is ideal for fixing pressure-resistant insulation from 100 to 400 mm thick for thermal insulation systems such as polystyrene boards or homogeneous mineral wool boards in concrete, solid and perforated brick, lightweight aggregate concrete and aerated concrete securely. The European Technical Assessment guarantees a secure hold. The screw fixing comprises a grey plug sleeve with attached disc and a screw. The termoz SV II ecotwist is set very deep quickly and accurately. The insulation disc is gently screwed into the fixing as it rotates. The uniform anchorage depth for all building materials and the universal size for all insulation thicknesses reduces the complexity, saves time and storage space.

Product Description

  • Standard anchoring depth for all building materials.
  • One fixing for all insulating material thicknesses from 100 mm to 400 mm. This increases productivity, saves time and storage space.
  • Sturdy setting tool with stop disc for a simple and precise setting procedure.
  • The screw disc cuts in cleanly, without damaging the insulating material.
  • Simple setting using the specially designed setting tool.

Available Product Variants

Application and Permission

  • Attachment of ETICS polystyrene rigid foam boards and similar mineral wool boards to concrete and masonry materials
  • Counterbored installation
Building materials
  • Building material classes A, B, C, D, E
  • Concrete
  • Concrete (weather shell)
  • Building brick
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Hollow blocks made from lightweight concrete
  • Vertically perforated brick
  • Perforated sand-lime brick
  • Aerated concrete
  • Lightweight aggregate concrete
  • Sepa Parpaing (French brick)
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.


  • ETA-12/0208
  • ETA-12/0208
  • DoP No. 0058
  • DoP No. 0136
  • DoP No. 0756-CPD-0480
For Details see corresponding Documents

Assembly Instruction

  • The fixing is inserted through the insulating material into the drill hole and screwed in using the setting tool.
  • The screwing disc and screw have the same pitch, which means they turn at the same time through the insulation until the anti-rotation lock meets the base.
  • Then the steel screw turns into the expansion zone. The compression zone is compressed until it is only a few millimetres thick and the fixing is anchored in the base.
  • The setting process is completed when the marking ring is flush with the insulation.
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Documents for Downloading

Additional Documents


Title Type Created Valid Till
ETA - European Technical Assessment (PDF, 2 MB) ETA-12/0208 5/26/2017
ETA - European Technical Assessment (PDF, 3 MB) ETA-12/0208 12/5/2017
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 1 MB) Declaration of Performance fischer termoz SV II ecotwist, according European Technical Assessment ETA-12/0208 DoP No. 0058 6/2/2017
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 1 MB) Declaration of Performance fischer termoz SV II ecotwist, according European Technical Assessment ETA-12/0208 DoP No. 0136 12/12/2017
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 2 MB) DoP No. 0756-CPD-0480 6/12/2013

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