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fischer Injection mortar GREEN 300 T

The green installation mortar for solid and perforated masonry, and non-cracked concrete.

Art.-No. 522223
Top Features
  • Produced with at least 50% sustainable raw materials. Tested and certified by DIN CERTCO / TÜV Rhineland.
  • First injection mortar with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
  • Simple application via a conventional silicone application gun.
  • High flexibility due to co-ordinated system components.
  • Expansion-free fixing for small spacings and edge distances.

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Product Description

The fischer installation mortar GREEN 300 T is a 2-component injection system based on vinyl ester. The hybrid mortar has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Institute of Construction and Environment (IBU), and is manufactured using at least 50% renewable raw materials. Furthermore, the GREEN installation mortar has been classified in the best possible emission class, A+, for volatile substances as per the French VOC directive. The resin and hardener are only mixed and activated during application from the static mixer. The cartridge can be extruded using a conventional silicone application gun. Partially used cartridges can be reused with a new static mixer. The hybrid system offers a wide range of possible applications for internal and external use with system components such as anchor rods FIS A, anchors with internal threads, and injection anchor sleeves for fixings in concrete and masonry.
  • The world's first injection mortar made from renewable raw materials. The proportion of regenerative material is certified by DIN CERTCO / TÜV Rheinland.
  • Increases the proportion of renewable raw materials used in construction projects.
  • Because of the European Technical Assessment granted the injection system can be used in public buildings.
  • The low volatile organic substance content (best possible emissions class A+ according to French VOC Directive) has a positive effect on the assessment of fixings in "Green Building" projects.
  • Bio-based source materials increase quality in the residential and working environment and preserve resources for future generations.
  • The injection mortar, which is exempt from labelling, reduces the hazard potential for workers and the environment.
  • Can be used with all the fischer injection accessories.

Application and Permission

  • Garden
  • Kitchen and sanitary components
  • Letter boxes
  • Building services
  • Anchoring of wooden components
  • Securing isolation devices
  • For use in doors, gates and window installation
  • Touch-up and repair work
Building materials
Approved for anchorings in:
  • Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, non-cracked
  • Solid brick
  • Vertically perforated brick
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Perforated sand-lime brick
  • Aerated concrete
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.


  • ETA-14/0408
  • ETA-14/0471, ETAG 029
  • DoP No. 0006
  • DoP No. 0006
  • DoP No. 0008
  • DoP No. 0008
  • GS 3.2/14-087-1
  • EPD-FIS-20130269-IBG1-DE
  • 8C048
  • Certificate# C0229502 - 01
For Details see corresponding Documents

Assembly Instruction

  • FIS GREEN is a 2-component injection mortar.
  • The two components are stored in two separate chambers and are not mixed and activated until extrusion through the static mixer.
  • The mortar is extruded bubble free from the drill hole base.
  • The mortar bonds the entire surface of the anchor with the drill hole wall and seals the drill hole.
  • The injection cartridges are quick and easy to use with the fischer dispensers.
  • Partially used cartridges can be reused by changing the static mixer.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Languages on the cartridge DE
Contents 1 cartridge 300 ml, 2 x FIS MR Plus
Amount 1 Unit(s)
GTIN (EAN Code) 4048962178456
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Documents for Downloading


Title Type Created Valid Till
ETA - European Technical Assessment (PDF, 1 MB) European Technical Assessment for fischer injection system FIS GREEN ETA-14/0408 12/19/2014
ETA - European Technical Assessment (PDF, 3 MB) European Technical Assessment fischer Injection resin FIS GREEN for fixing in masonry ETA-14/0471, ETAG 029 2/3/2015
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 4 MB) Declaration of Performance fischer Injection mortar FIS GREEN for concrete DoP No. 0006 2/3/2015
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 2 MB) Declaration of Performance fischer Injection mortar FIS GREEN for concrete, according European Technical Assessment ETA-14/0408 DoP No. 0006 12/22/2014
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 2 MB) Declaration of Performance fischer Injection mortar FIS GREEN for masonry DoP No. 0008 2/5/2015
DOP - Declaration of Performance (PDF, 4 MB) Declaration of Performance fischer Injection mortar FIS GREEN for masonry, according European Technical Assessment ETA-14/0471 DoP No. 0008 2/5/2015
Test report (fire protection) (PDF, 5 MB) GS 3.2/14-087-1 3/1/2019
EPD - Environmental Product Declaration (PDF, 1 MB) EPD-FIS-20130269-IBG1-DE 12/1/2014 11/30/2019
Certificate (PDF, 886 KB) 8C048 7/17/2018 5/31/2024
Certificate (PDF, 29 KB) Certificate# C0229502 - 01