The injection anchor sleeve for particularly sparing mortar usage in perforated brick masonry

Injections anchor sleeve FIS H K

The fischer injection anchor sleeve FIS H K is the system component for the professional, mortar-saving installation of the threaded rod FIS A or internal threaded anchor FIS E in perforated brick masonry. The fischer injection mortars FIS V, FIS VW HIGH SPEED, FIS VS LOW SPEED, FIS VL, FIS Green, FIS P Plus, and FIS P can be used with it. The optimised grating structure reduces the use of injection mortar. When the threaded rod and internal threaded anchor are installed, the mortar is pressed through the grating structure and creates a form fit with the perforated brick. This directs the load into the building material. Setting takes place in a pre-positioned installation. You can use the injection anchor sleeve to bridge non-load-bearing layers. The approvals of the various injection mortars must be observed.
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